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Understanding Piano Keyboard & Digital Piano

Digital piano is a modern electronic musical instrument very different from an electronic keyboard, and is primarily designed to serve as an alternative to a traditional acoustic piano, both in terms of playing and in the sound they produced. In other words, the digital piano is simply meant to provide an accurate simulation of a traditional piano and its ultimate goal is to achieve the true captivating qualities of a true classical piano. Unlike traditional pianos, the digital pianos implement a variety of sounds other than the usual tones and harmonics. Let us assist you throughout your piano purchase journey. 

All digital pianos and piano keyboards synthesise sounds and offer a variety of tonal settings to the user. They have an inbuilt memory and the notes produced by them enable users to store them for future reference which is what sets it apart from traditional classical pianos. Digital pianos also provide interface to enable users to connect them to computers and with the appropriate software help them to create, mix and generate tracks. They can also be loaded with tracks or compositions and can be made to play automatically without the user being physically involved thereby making them self-playing pianos. The ability to automatically transpose between notes is a very attractive feature among singers who are soloists or sing with groups with different vocal ranges. The digital piano also provides creativity and enjoyment. They provide an infinite variety of sounds and also produce sound, professional in every aspect. Most digital pianos, especially those that truly resemble a traditional piano, have built-in pedals that function that the same way they do in classical pianos. They have complex action and incorporate actual hammers so as to create a better simulation of actual grand pianos used in orchestras. The keyboard is weighted and also velocity sensitive and mimics an actual piano in terms of sound and tone strength. They also come with in-built amplifiers and loudspeakers and hence no additional equipment is required to play the instrument. Illuminated keys that light up when a piece is played is another unique feature only found in digital piano.