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Have you ever wondered why some kids seem to grasp piano concepts faster than others? Or have you perhaps questioned why certain kids just can’t seem to pick up the skill even after weeks of lessons? The answer is quite simple, actually.


Piano owners who have been dedicating hours into the care and maintenance of their piano would have figured it out by now that the amount of investment required to keep this beauty in top shape, is no easy task. A piano isn’t just an added installment into a home and it’s more than just ornamental; the piano is there to bring much joy and love, and to establish bonding among friends and family. So how can you take proper care of your piano and ensure it plays at its maximum potential? In this article, you’ll be presented with some tips, including a guide on having your piano tuned and maintaining your piano’s tuning stability.

While most parents know the importance of music lessons for their kids, many are still clueless as to what age is best to get their kids started. As professionals, we often hear parents asking, “will it be good to have my children learn the piano before they start schooling, or will it be better if they start taking lessons at a later stage?”

Music in Singapore has been created with many different racial and cultural influences and has increased greatly within 10 years. The number of musical performances has increased from 670 to an amazing 1889 performances each year.

Western music is popular in Singapore; especially with the SSO that plays over 100 concerts each year. Each of these concerts is very well attended. Not only in the Wind, Choral, and Contemporary music groups, Piano is also making great waves in Singapore. 

Do you find yourself rummaging through the daily classifieds, frantically running from piano showroom to showroom, and still left distressed and undecided on which piano will be best for your kid? Don’t break a sweat. We understand. Being an informed consumer is extremely important, especially so when it comes to paying big bucks for big-ticket items – the piano is no exception. There are quite a number of considerations you should note such as the different types of pianos, which have been specially designed for amateurs, piano students and professionals, as well as the wide variation in portability, size, sound, look and feel of the various piano types.

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